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one of my all time favourite bands..

Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone


You tell me, “That it’s getting better”,
But, everytime  that we say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight,
I am haunted by your eyes and how long they’ve been crying.

Don’t tell me about a bad reaction,
Don’t tell me that you plan to hide, to hide, to hide,
Reasoning aside

I’m moving on,
I hope you’re coming with me,
I hope you’re coming with me.

Anyone can answer their own questions,
All you had to do is look inside, inside, inside.
You know it inside,
You know it will be alright, alright, alright,
You know it’s alright.

I’m moving on,
I hope you’re coming with me,
‘Cause I’m not strong, without you.

Don’t blame it on your shadow,
‘Cause I know all, about you.

peace x


O.P.I haul

February 19, 2010 - One Response

today was a great day. job interview @ a sales / promotion job.. hoping tomorrow i get the call that i got accepted as one of their trial people 🙂 + another job interview lined up next monday..

anddddd my lovely bf bought me beautiful chocolates (pity i didn’t take pictures…) from north sydney to congratulate me on getting an interview 😀 the strawberry & cream chocolate WAS SO DAMN DIVINE IT BLEW MY MIND. it had a pink chocolate shell with REAL CREAM AND STRAWBERRY FILLING INSIDE. how wicked is that?

ANDDD… i stumbled upon this beauty store that was selling 20% off O.P.I and snatched these cutest and newest from the O.P.I collab with Disney’s Alice In Wonderland.. a steal from $24.95 to $19.95…

L-R: Absolutely Alice, Thanks So Muchness!, Off with Her Red!, Mad as a Hatter.

I got bored and redid my nails in Thanks So Muchness! and here’s how they turned out..

notice how tiny the bottle is?? eeh :p

here’s to the weekend & wonderful nail polish..



February 16, 2010 - One Response

If I recall correctly, I never had such a lust for a pair of shoes like I do with these babies…
Christian Louboutin is seriously the epitome of sexy womens shoe label.

These make me squeal…

oh my gawsh. *creams*


victoria secrets…

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sooo all these valentines day sales are popping up here and there (which is great… but at the same time pretty depressing for a single girl) and it made me think of lingerie for some reason.
and who doesn’t love victoria secret??? seriously one of my absolute favourite store ever and never fails to leave me wanting to buy every single thing they bring out…. 😦
but anyways, looking through their vast collections, here are my few favourites:

The Lacie™ hiphugger

Bow-back cheeky panty (so impractical.. but adorable :x)

Ribbon lace boyshort

Adjustable push-up bra

Corset demi-bra

Miraculous™ push-up bra

Lace up with garters

Hearts flyaway Babydoll

Pleated babydoll

Satin lace-up corset

ajgkhaksfhs. so hot * 3*



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i have to tell the truth. i totally dig looking at hot girl photography so don’t surprised whatsoever if i post a random hot babe on the blog once in awhile 😉

totally digging pirelli ❤



February 11, 2010 - One Response

funny how my quest for the ultimate blog site ends up bringing me back to wordpress.. where i started from.

so hello and salut to a new chapter.